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Grand Knight Message - July 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009 12:30 AM | Rafael Betancourt (Administrator)

Dear Brother Knights,

In my struggle to find words to start off this journey, a recent experience comes to mind. I have been reading A Civilization of Love, by our Supreme Knight Carl Anderson. In it, he clearly defines what is at the core of what the Knights of Columbus are about – creating a Civilization of Love by fostering a Culture of Life. This message became clear to me as I witnessed the efforts of an anonymous Brother Knight that gave generously to a perfect stranger.

Last year, a dear friend of mine who lived in Southern California was going through a really tough time – he had lost all his retirement savings to a Ponzi scheme, his wife was in bed rest due to a high-risk pregnancy, unable to care for his two sons. Due to high stress and chronic fatigue, he also became ill, and was unable to work and to provide for his family. When things could not get any worse, they did, as he lost his job, his house was foreclosed, and they found out that his unborn baby girl required delicate open heart surgery. At the time, through our GK I asked local Knights for assistance. All I could tell my friend was “hang in there, help is on the way.”

So things finally did get better, and with the help of Brother Knights, a bit less painful. My friend received greatly needed assistance: while he was bed-ridden unable to drive, a Brother Knight would take him to his medical appointments and look after his children. He also paid for both of his boys to attend Karate school, an activity much appreciated by them.

Today my friend visited us with his three children – James 7, Sebastian 5, and baby Gemma 1, who survived 5 open heart surgeries during her first year of life. He lost all his material possessions, but his daughter is alive and thriving, and he is finally able to work and provide for his family. He is eternally grateful to someone for whom he was a perfect stranger, but is a good friend now. A Brother Knight, unknown to me to this date, for whom I am also eternally grateful, and whose selfless action makes me proud to be a member of this organization. This is what our mission is all about – to live the Gospel in service to families in need, fostering a Culture of Life, building a Civilization of Love.

Vivat Jesus!

SK Rafael Betancourt, GK

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