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Deputy Grand Knight's Message - September 2014

Saturday, September 20, 2014 12:54 AM | Rafael Betancourt (Administrator)

Dear Brother Knights,

During our 9/11/14 business meeting we reviewed our Council’s demographics. If everyone born prior to 1940 is excluded, the breakout is as follows:

  • 64 or older = 19%
  • 44 or older = 68%
  • 24 or older = 11%
  • 23 or less =2%

My concern is two-fold: the failure of current Knights to move into leadership rolls, and the lack of participants to staff our projects. As is, it’s usually the same Knights staffing our activities. Many of you had comments and suggestions on how to increase participation. These revolved around added spiritual guidance and activities that enhance the meaning of “being Catholic”. I discussed your concerns with Fr Chris on Thursday, 9/18/14. Following are the meeting results and action items:

CHAPLAIN: Fr. Chris has offered to be our Chaplain, with the caveat that he’s on hospital call on Thursdays. I told him that our meeting days could possibly be moved. This will be discussed at our next scheduled business meeting.

That Man Is You! Br. Rafael Betancourt recommended this program which is on its second year at St. Lawrence the Martyr Parish in Santa Clara. I joined him at last Saturday’s gathering and was really impressed. I strongly recommend that each of you review this program (TMIY!). For anyone interested I recommend you attend the Saturday morning sessions at Saint Lawrence. They start with breakfast from 6:30 – 7:00 AM, then a video, followed by a discussion group. The current sessions are on marriage. My belief is that this program will improve both church and KofC participation.

Fr Chris has agreed that this is a worthy endeavor. WHAT’S NEEDED NOW IS FOR MEN TO CARRY THE TORCH. January would be a good time to start publicizing it in the Church's bulletin. A leadership core team will need to be groomed, and there is plenty of program support for this (all videos and training material are provided by Paradisus Dei at no cost to the parish). Our target start date for TMIY! at St. Justin's is SEPTEMBER 2015.

FEAST OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION (Dec. 8th): It was suggested by Br. Chris that we have a public procession (around the property) with the Blessed Sacrament. Perhaps we could also arrange for Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and Benediction? A Rosary procession would be a good idea: imagine brother Knights leading the mysteries of the rosary.

This is a viable idea, one which Fr Chris supports. Since this December 8th is not a day of obligation, the recommendation is that this be a 2015 event. The goal is to have a sizable crowd. WORTHY KNIGHTS – for this to happen we need to complete a plan. What will this look like? Who will step up and take the lead? Who will support this project?

Fundraising for People with Intellectual Disabilities (PWID, aka, Tootsie Roll Drive): YES! THE KNIGHTS MAY HAVE A COLLECTIONS ON 10/25 AND 10/26 outside of the Church after each Mass. FOR THIS TO BE REALLY SUCCESSFUL, NOTICES NEED TO BE IN THE CHURCH BULLETIN. Knights and family members will be needed to man the collection booths. All donations received will be directed to support local organizations: Parents-helping-parents, and Special Olympics of Northern California. 


  • Coffee & Donuts after Mass (we used to do this a few years ago, Stan's Donut shop across the street donated donuts)
  • Monthly Pancake Breakfast (in addition to the Annual Catechumens' Breakfast). Saint Lawrence's Council does this as their main fundraiser.

Both of these would increase our exposure within the community and encourage membership.

  1. Extend the bricked area outside of Fr Chris’s quarters, and provide a covered area for 20 people (teachers and staff). Prepare the planter adjacent to his quarters, and the garage, for plants.
  2. Upgrade the landscaped areas in front of the church to improve visibility of the church. The grassed area directly in front of the church would have 3 flag poles and a mix of plants. The grassed areas on either side would be landscaped too.
  3. Irrigation would be part of the overall project.
  4. These projects will be discussed in detail at our next meeting. 
  • Power-wash buildings and walkways
  • Scrub the large white tables stored in the gym area
  • Upgrade the Sacristy
  • Sprinklers for the priest yards
  • Covered yard area for all priest.


As Knights our core values and principles by which we live are Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism. Fulfilling these precepts requires action on our part. My request is simple. I want my fellow Knights to select any one of the projects listed in this letter and commit to supporting it. Some involve single day commitments, other are more demanding. You choose.

Please come to our next Council Business meeting on Thursday, October 9th, at 7:30 PM. We meet at Saint Justin Parish in Room 2. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions, or want to lead and/or participate in a project.

Vivat Jesus!

Fred Loew, Deputy Grand Knight
Fr. Joseph M. Geary Council 3523, Knights of Columbus
PO BOX 3195, SANTA CLARA, CA 95055-3195
cell: 408. 205.5309
email: dgk@kofc3523.org
website: www.kofc3523.org

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